Ham’s Sin Should Terrify Us All

Ham’s Sin Should Terrify Us All

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In this lesson, Tom Bradford teaches us about Ham’s Sin. Due to the controversy of this topic, let us state a few facts to clarify some of the comments.

1) Noah was drunk, uncovered in his tent. Gen 9:21

2) Leviticus 18:7, 8 (states about uncovering nakedness “The nakedness of thy father, or the nakedness of thy mother” )can both be considered the nakedness of the father, and MAY be referring to sexual relations.

3) Gen 9:22 says Ham SAW the nakedness of his father. Note the word SAW. It doesn’t say “uncovered”.

4) To say that Ham had relations with his father or mother is speculation.

5) What we do know is that Ham was in Noah’s tent – UNINVITED and saw that Noah (and perhaps his wife- it’s not stated)were naked. Ham’s conduct was disgraceful. He leered at (SAW) Noah’s debasement, and then, instead of averting his gaze and covering him, Ham left Noah to go spread the news of Noah’s disgrace to the brothers.